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Chairman’s welcome

We are in the middle of low season and on some days we have the course to ourselves.  

I think I have come to realize that golf is the best sport for many reasons.  It teaches us good manners and respect.  You can compete with anyone despite contrasting abilities thanks to the handicap system.  And our sport has no age limit.

What sport can you eat and drink (some of us drink more than others) while you play.  I have seen people walking down a fairway eating a banana or having last night's dinner out of a tupperware container.

Golf can be very rewarding.  It's also very painful, agonising, and frustrating........but that just makes it even more rewarding when it all comes good and you lower your handicap from 20 to 13 (in one week.) The feeling you get when you break 90 or come close to breaking 80.......makes you realize all the pain was worth it.

No round of golf is ever the same.  We don't get bored playing the same courses over and over again as the conditions are never the same, the company is never the same, and our golf is never the same.  Every single round is different and that's why we love it and keep coming back to golf with our friends in the IPGC.

Hope to see you soon out on the course.


Hal Hart

June 2018