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Chairman’s welcome

Dear IPGC Golfers:

As we enter the 5th month of a world wide pandemic and nearly 6 weeks without golf in Pattaya, we are seeing courses opening for business in May with strict rules for play.  Social distancing must be observed, face masks are to be worn, and use of the club house is limited.

Due to the situation with lack of tourism in Thailand and Pattaya for an extended period of time, I have to report that  "The Haven" will be closing for business in the 2nd week of May on Soi Lengkee.  Plans are being made for a better location sometime in the near future when the tourism climate in Thailand has improved for a hotel/restaurant . As a founding member of the IPGC with 20+ years in Pattaya, Stephan Beard has been a font of knowledge for everyone who has teed up a golf ball with The Haven and for the IPGC.  Nights listening to and telling stories, having a few cold ones at the head table, and golfing with friends and acquaintances will be missed.  We hope to see him soon on a golf morning.

Our golf schedules willl be a "play it by ear" over the next few weeks as we adjust to the situation here in Pattaya.  Please contact your golf venues or our Facebook page for up to date information.

Please stay healthy and remember to social distance.

Hal Hart


May 2020