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Chairman’s welcome

Dear IPGC Golfers:

Back in the good ole days of 2019 I was planning a 10 week trip troughout Europe that was due to start on March 13 with a flight to Dublin, Ireland and the St. Patrick's Day celebration.  Hotels and hostels were books, flights, trains and ferries were arranged and I was ready to travel.  Lucky for me I read numerous reports, and sought out advise from friends living in Europe who said "cancel your trip" which I did do.  Who in their wildest dreams would have thought that all the bars in Ireland would be closed to customers on March 17th.  To quote Plato "Strange times are these in which we live."

Golf has really seen a downturn here in Pattaya for many reasons, but this virus is something that is unprecedented in our generation.  Golfers were flying home early when rumors were going around that flights would soon be limited, and people decided to postpone their travel to Thailand.  A state of emergency has been declared in Thailand until April 30th and all foreign tourists are barred from entering Thailand in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus.

I decided that I would start social distancing as recommend by health organizations as a way to help stop the spread of this disease.  Many other people are also choosing to forgo golf and stay at home as many of us fall into categories that the disease has not been kind.

I can only hope that things get better in the next few months and we all can get back to our normal lives.

Please stay healthy and remember to social distance.

Hal Hart


March, 2020