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Chairman's Message

Fellow Members,

Following Hal Hart’s post of March 2022, you’ll have seen there are a couple of changes within the IPGC Committee. You may have read that Hal, who has guided us over the last five years, has stood down and I, Bob Poole, will take over as chair. I’d like to thank Hal, on behalf of the IPGC, for all his hard work, effort and time, and although standing down as chair he will still remain an active member of the committee.

I am also delighted to report that Lyn Henry has agreed to join the committee in an administrative support role, supporting me as Chair and overseeing the smooth running of the administrative work that takes place between meetings. Lyn has been involved with the IPGC for several years and we all look forward to working closely together with her in the future.

The rest of the committee remains unchanged, with representation from our venue organisers, Glyn (Jomtien Golf) Joe (Tara Court), Craig (PFGS) and Martin (Donovans) along with the existing sitting members.

As chairman I’m very encouraged by the strength of the committee. John Batty is doing a great job as treasurer; David Edwards has professionally guided us through the WHS changes, ably supported by Craig, and Martin Grimoldby who has efficiently ran the annual club championships for several years. Paul Hubbard remains our rules consultant. I look forward to us all working together to strengthen the IPGC.

As we all know the Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost everything in the world, and we have not been immune. Over the last couple of years membership has dropped along with the numbers playing each week. Currently we have 299 members with around 75 playing regularly. We’ve recently seen a small, encouraging, upsurge in memberships and are expecting several existing members to return, in June, with the easing of Covid restrictions.

Finally, let’s not forget the purpose of the IPGC is to play competitive golf, always with integrity, to enjoy the company of our friends, to meet new ones, and of course to have fun. In the words of a very good friend of mine ‘may you hit every fairway and hole every putt’.

Best Regards,

Bob Poole